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 Pizza Experience

  • Fun, Easy, & Profitable

  • Supports Local Businesses

  • 6 - 8 Weeks Start to Finish

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How it Works

4 Easy Steps to Profit

The organization hosting the fundraiser will make a profit ranging from $5-$7 off of every item sold. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the profits add up!

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"The Station was fantastic to deal with every step of the way and made this fundraiser easy and successful. We have had nothing but positive comments! Our Home and School made just over $1000 on this fundraiser. The best part was supporting a local business and seeing how much fun everyone had!"

Personalized Sales Material

Form your first correspondence with us to the day you pick up your pizzas,  we will help you run a successful fundraiser. This will include FREE sales materials that will be personalized to your organization. 

These materials can include:

  • Two (2) poster options

  • An informational pamphlet 

  • An informational one pager

  • An introductive social media post 

  • An order form and a tally form

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Contact us at for more information.

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