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The Station Food Company is the value-added food division of our operations. We open new markets for Nova Scotian producers through our emphasis on diverting under-utilized food and other products to create upcycled products. We are a food link between producers and consumers that uses product that would otherwise be wasted.

The Station Food Company does not grow or harvest food. We purchase items that other purchasers do not want, transport it to our CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) certified facility in Newport Station and upcycle it into value added products which are then sold on to consumers – individuals or institutions.


Being an aggregator (assembling produce from wide sources for a more consistent supply) we are also a dependable supplier to purchasers of our products.


We also pride ourselves on being a “fair deal” partner to everyone with whom we interact. This does not only mean those from who we purchase. We also strive to treat our employees with the respect, and living wage, they deserve.


Upcycled Food

Currently our value-added food products consist of mashed potatoes, pureés, soups/broths and frozen meals, with more products on the horizon. Contact us if you wish to purchase any of these products.

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