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Seniors Community
Food Boxes 

Community Food Boxes support people in our community who may be:


Have Low Income

Socially Isolated

Facing Food Shortages

Food Insecure


We work with Hants County Senior Safety Association and we currently has 6 regular senior volunteers.  Volunteers contributed over 500 hours to planning, preparing, and delivering the food boxes.   

On Average it take our volunteers about 40 minutes to assemble 25 boxes. The volunteers have devised a system in which each volunteer is responsible for one ingredient within the box. 

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Box Participants 

Food box participants were identified with assistance from the Hants County Senior Safety Association and the volunteers. In one case, a senior self-identified to the project after seeing a social media post. 

Box Contents 

3953 pounds of food was delivered in 2021/2022 program!! The seasonal boxes contained 1-2 proteins, a bread product, vegetables, and fruit (when available). Boxes provide supplement food items for 1-2 people for up to a week. 


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Contact Us!

Sponsor a Box 

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in learning more about this this project and how you can get involved as volunteer or a participant! 

Do you know someone who could benefit from this program? Sponsor a monthly box for a year!

Sponsoring a monthly box will cost $1000 for the entire year ($83/month) and you are able to choose the person who receives the box. Ideal for organizations or family members! 

For further information please contact:

The Food Box Coordinator; Karen Cooper


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