The Station Community

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Shivani’s Kitchen makes it easy for you to experience the bold, authentic flavors of India.  Using a generations old family recipe, our Spice Blends and Ready to Use Sauces help you create delicious dishes like Butter Chicken, Curry, and Tikka.


Colombian Cravings is a  delivery company offering delicious, authentic Colombian food.


A convenient option for local eating, PieceMeal strives for simplicity and quality in creating delicious recipes, spice blends and sauces to go with local produce.


Bliss Bakery provides the growing keto/low carb community with wholesome, healthy, baked sweets and bread options, allowing individuals to adhere to their lifestyle without restrictions or compromise on taste. All products are made with top quality, gluten-free ingredients and no refined sugar added, making them diabetic-friendly as well keto-friendly.

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