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Ready to Eat Local

Upcycled Mashed Potatoes

The Station Food Company purchases produce that would otherwise be treated as waste from local farms, offering fair market value. We upcycle this produce to create value-add products for retail and institutional markets. 

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Save time and valuable labour dollars without sacrificing nutrition or quality. Made with pride in Newport Staiton, Nova Scotia with locally sourced potatoes. No artifical flavours, wholesome Canadian Milk and lightly seasoned, these ready to eat mashed potatoes will impress in both flavour and presentation. Simply heat and serve!

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Potatoes, skim milk powder, margerine (58% modified palm and palm kernal oil, 24% canola oil, water, pea protein, soy lecithin, citric acid, natural flavour, beta carotene, calcium di-sodium EDTA), baking powder, salt, ascorbic acid. 

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