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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

The Opportunity:

Building Back Better in Nova Scotia (Part of Mi'kmaq Territory) The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many challenges. Many lives have been lost during this time and countless hardships have been experienced around the world. This truly is a challenging time for many, but as with all challenges, we are presented with an opportunity. We have been gifted the opportunity to rebuild; to rebuild our societies with kindness and with genuine compassion for Mother Earth and for all her creatures (including us, her little humans!). I believe that we have been gifted a chance to change the climate projections previously expected by scientists (Government of Canada, n.d.). These times are unprecedented for many reasons - for the fear, pain, and suffering, but also for the hope and opportunity. We now have the unprecedented opportunity to build back better - let’s start with food.   There are so many ways to build back better upon reopening after COVID-19. Here in Nova Scotia, we are already off to an amazing start in the world of agriculture. While many local farmers are sadly experiencing financial and emotional hardships due to decreased sales during this time, some are thriving thanks to Nova Scotian farmers’ and farm markets. For examplethe Wolfville Farmers’ Market and the Cape Breton Farmers’ Markets have sold products online throughout this pandemic, providing people with access to safe, local food while increasing sales for local farmers significantly (Ahern, 2020; Moscovitch, P, 2020; Sullivan, 2020). Ahern (2020) specifically notes the impressive work of WFM2Go, who are supporting people during this time by expanding their pickup locations to eight areas across mainland Nova Scotia. Similarly, Noggins Corners and independent farms have been delivering local food and arranging for safe pickups in certain locations across the province. Could supporting local food be the new normal in Nova Scotia? Our current behaviour certainly suggests it could!  On the other hand, as businesses start to reopen, many local farmers and businesses that sell local food are concerned that their customers will stop buying local produce again. That is why we absolutely must take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to build back better in Nova Scotia. As consumers, some of the ways we can build back better are by eating products from local farms, by supporting restaurants and institutions that serve local food, and by advocating for the better treatment of the Mother Earth and all who reside upon her, around, or within her. Here at The Station Food Hub, one of the ways we plan to support the continuation of the build back better movement by supplying local institutions, organizations, and restaurants with as much local produce as possible. Imagine a world in which schools, daycares, nurseries, hospitals, and restaurants served local food to their customers. The Station Food Hub is dedicated to making that vision a reality. Let’s use this unprecedented opportunity to support the local food movement.  #BuildBackBetter #BuildBackBetterNovaScotia #LocalFood 

  • For local food delivery select areas of the Annapolis Valley and in Halifax Metro or to arrange for pick-up in various locations, take a look at Noggins Corner’s website.

  • To arrange for local food pickups in Wolfville, Dartmouth, Halifax, Tantallon, Bedford, Windsor, Canning, and Berwick, take a look at WFM2Go’s website.

  • For more information on how The Station Food Hub can help you, please contact us at or view our website

  • Looking for food in Cape Breton? Check out the Cape Breton Farmers’ Market’s website.


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