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“What is this place?” has to be the #1 question asked by people coming through our door (followed by #2 “What do I need to join?”) So what IS The Hub Kitchen? We are a provincially inspected shared commercial kitchen space available to rent 7 days a week. We currently have 1,000 square feet of workspace with facilities for cooking, baking, food prep, dish washing, as well as cold and dry storage space available to our rental customers. Want to join The Hub Kitchen? Find out how below. 



  • 3 compartment washing sink

  • Commercial low temp dishwasher

  • 1 compartment prep sink

  • microwave

  • Double door commercial refrigerator 

  • 6 electric burners 

  • 1 conventional full size oven

  • 4 prep tables 

  • 10 quart berkel mixer

  • 1 rolling sheet rack with pans

* Dry storage and refrigerator/ freezer storage available at an additional charge. See below. 


Package 1: 10 hours per month

  • 3 month subscription: $20/hour rental charge for 30 total hours + deposit*

Package 2: 20 hours per month

  • 3 month subscription: $19/hour rental charge for 60 total hours + deposit*

  • 6 month subscription: $18/hour rental charge for 120 total hours + deposit*

Package 3: 40 hours per month

  • 3 month subscription: $17/hour rental charge for 120 total hours + deposit*

  • 6 month subscription: $16/hour rental charge for 240 total hours + deposit*

* $200 Refundable deposit (cleaning/damage deposit) will be refunded at the end of your kitchen use. Additional hours can be purchased if needed if you find you are using more than your monthly allotment. 

 10 hours per month can be rolled into the following month if not used. For example, if you purchase a three month subscription for 20 hours per month and only use 10 of your 20 hours, you can roll those 10 hours into the following month. At the end of your 3rd month you can roll those 10 hours into the 4th month, but if not used in the 4th month those hours will be lost.

Non Subscription Kitchen Use

  • One time Kitchen Use: 3 Hours kitchen time $120 + Deposit. Each additional hour priced at $25.

Available to rent at an additional cost 

  • Cambro insulated food transport containers: $20 + FULLY REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT

  • Monthly dry storage: $40/ month per cabinet

  • Monthly refrigerator/freezer storage: $50/month per pallet

  • 12 inch dough sheeter: $30

Fee schedule 

  • Orientation and Application Fee: $60

  • Refundable Key Deposit: $20

  • Rental Per Cabinet - dry storage: $40 per month

  • Rental Per Pallet - refrigerated storage: $60 per month 

  • Rental Per Pallet - frozen storage: $60 per month

  • Cleaning deposit: A refundable one time fee of $200 will be required. (If kitchen is left dirty the deposit will not be refunded)

  • Cleaning fee (if Kitchen is left in an unacceptable manner): $150

  • Cancellation fee (when 24 hours notice is not given): $50 


Step 1:

Come visit us!

Contact us and set up a time to come tour the Hub to see the kitchen in real life and we can answer any questions you might have!

We are located at 1989 Wentworth road in Newport Station, Nova Scotia.

Step 2: 


There is some documentation we’ll need to cover before you get cooking. All our customers need proof of the following:
• Certified Food Safety Certificate. Learn more about approved certifications here.
• Proof of liability insurance (minimum coverage of $500,000 with The Hub listed as Additional Insured).

Step 3:

Sign Up

In addition to certification and insurance, you will need to sign a rental agreement with The Hub Kitchen. Check out our rates above to view membership plans and hourly rates to see which plan works best for you. Also when signing your rental agreement, a refundable deposit is required. This deposit will cover any incidental damage to the Hub appliances and equipment or excessive clean up costs, and will be returned to you at the end of your contract should your time be free of any repairs or cleaning costs.

Step 4:

Schedule time

Before starting your kitchen time needs to be reserved in advance. Contact us to see what times are available and send us a request for what times you’d like to reserve. Reservations are filled on a first come first served basis.

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