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The Station was started because the founders realized that there are a lot of things that do not make sense. Why wasn't all the food served in the schools, hospitals, and at community events grown by the farmer down the road?  Why were we exporting many of the things we then had to import? Why isn't there more food processing facilities in Nova Scotia that could employ people who need work? Local food should be more accessible within our province. We are on a mission to increase the amount of that local food that is consumed and produced in Nova Scotia by giving farmers and food entrepreneures access to value added processing and food infrastructure.

We believe that a vital component to a strong regional food system is levelling the playing field to allow food producers of all sizes access to create goods affordably and efficiently. 

We want to build a community of people who want to find solutions to all the things that do not make sense. 



Long Term Leases, Food Storage, Distribution and more. 

Open For Business



The Station offers a range of business services to help your business grow.

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